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Organizes and manages business projects
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Create BPMN diagrams, workflows, document and simulate processes in a standard format of Business Process Model and Notation to manage financial, working or other management data. The suite is compatible with standard document formats such as Word, PDF, Visio, etc. Printing or online uploading is possible.

Free, intuitive and powerful BPMN process modeling and documentation application. Cloud collaboration, speed and powerful drag-and-drop design tools bridge the gap between business and IT, engaging everyone in the process discussion from the start.

You are able to publish high quality documentation in Word, PDF, SharePoint or Wiki. Processes can be easily imported from and exported to Visio or XML, and other tools. The Modeler's IntelliSense (smart code completion) coupled with its unique look and feel allows you to quickly and easily map and document, without the delay of validation routines.

Each file is referred to as a model and may contain one or more diagrams.
A model can refer to a whole organization, a department or a specific process depending on your needs. Multiple diagrams are positioned as individual sheets (tabs) within your model. You are able to navigate between diagrams in your model by selecting the associated sheet tab located at the bottom of the model.

You can choose between storing your models On-premise or in the Cloud.

Models stored On-premise are saved in your own desktop or a file server in your Company, as a .bpm file extension.

Models stored in the Cloud are hosted by Bizagi, giving the freedom to collaboratively design your processes online and manage them at your convenience.

In addition, Simulation is a tool to evaluate the performance of a model, under different configurations and over long periods of real time, to reduce the chances of failure to meet specifications, to eliminate unforeseen bottlenecks, to prevent under or over-utilization of resources (including people and money), and to optimize system performance. Bizagi Simulation follows BPSim (Business Process Simulation) standard that allows enhancement of business process models captured in BPMN to support rigorous methods of analysis.
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